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FMEA / FMECA Benefits

FMEA / FMECA - General Benefits:
  • Prevention Planning
  • Identifies change requirements
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased throughput
  • Decreased waste
  • Decreased warranty costs
  • Reduce non-value added operations

Concept FMEA:
  • Helps select the optimum  concept alternatives, or determine changes to design

  • Identifies potential failure modes caused by interactions within the concept.

  • Increases the likelihood all potential effects of a proposed concept’s failure
    modes are considered.

  • Identifies system level testing requirements.

  • Helps determine if hardware system redundancy may be required within a design

Design FMEA:
  • Aids in the objective evaluation of design requirements and design alternatives.

  • Aids in the initial design for manufacturing and assembly requirements.

  • Increases the probability that potential failure modes and their effects have been
    considered in the design/development process.

  • Provides additional information to help plan thorough and efficient test programs.

  • Develops a list of potential failure modes ranked according to their effect on the
    customer. Establishes a priority system for design improvements.

  • Provides an open issue format for recommending and tracking risk reducing

  • Provides future reference to aid in analyzing field concerns.

Process FMEA:
  • Identifies potential product related process failure modes.

  • Assesses the potential customer effects of the failures.

  • Identifies the potential manufacturing or assembly process causes and identifies
    process variables on which to focus controls or monitoring.

  • Develops a ranked list of potential failure modes, establishing a priority system
    for corrective action considerations.

  • Documents the results of the manufacturing or assembly process.

  • Identifies process deficiencies.

  • Identifies confirmed critical characteristics and/or significant characteristics.

  • Identifies operator safety concerns.

  • Feeds information on design changes required and manufacturing feasibility
    back to the designers.
FMEA's can be time consuming and expensive, but so too can product recalls because
of design flaws or safety issues. When good FMEA software is employed and it is
performed properly, the FMEA, can be highly effective at identifying major problems
early on, so that they can be corrected, or at least minimized. Top companies from
around the world are benefiting from having FMEA as an integral part of their quality
programs. This page describes some of the benefits that can be derived by performing
various types of FMEA and  FMECA.
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