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FMEA Tips From the Pros

Facts and Tips About FMECA

Here are some helpful FMEA tips and advice that should prove useful when
performing a
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. By having some
understanding of the effort involved and some of the timing aspects upfront,
you will be better prepared, so that you can plan accordingly. These FMEA
tips are listed below so that you can quickly refer to them as necessary.

Helpful Tips and Advice to Aid Your Failure Mode Analysis

  • The FMEA / FMECA should begin as early as possible
    This allows the analyst to affect the design before it is set in stone.

    If you start early, as recommended, expect to have to redo portions
    of  your analysis as the design is modified.

  • They take a lot of time to complete
    Don't let this scare you and prevent you from performing an FMEA.
    A product recall can be very costly, time consuming, and cause
    severe damage to your company's reputation. A FMEA, done
    properly, can help prevent something like this from occurring.

  • FMEAs require considerable knowledge of system operation
    This is true. FMEAs do require considerable knowledge of system
    operation, and it will be necessary to have extensive discussions
    with Software and Hardware Design Engineering, System
    Engineering, and other disciplines to gather the information that you

  • Spend time developing ground rules with your customer
    It is very important to spend time, upfront, developing ground rules
    with your customer. This will help to prevent misunderstandings in
    terms of the scope of the analysis, report formats for deliverables,
    definitions, and other related issues.

  • Design FMEA Advice
    Start early in the process. Complete the Design FMEA by the time
    preliminary drawings are done, and before any tooling is initiated.

  • Process FMEA Advice
    Start as soon as basic manufacturing methods have been
    discussed. Be sure and complete the Process FMEA prior to
    finalizing production plans and releasing for production.
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