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FMEA Training Options

A wide range of training options are
available for those interested in
learning more about  Failure Mode
and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Our
site and others offer many different
articles, examples, books and
standards to get you started, but
there is no substitute for some
hands-on training from a seasoned

Here are some things to consider
when determining your training
needs. How many students do you
have? Are you looking for an
instructor-led course? If so, do you
want this to be face-to-face training
or is online suitable? What are your
cost, travel, or training room
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FMEA Training Class
FMEA Training - Off-site vs On-site
There are many different companies that provide FMEA training. These normally offer a
wide range of options. Instructor-led / formal classroom training is usually delivered
either on-site at your location or off-site at the training company or some other off-site

If you only have a small number of students, then sending them off-site for the training
might be the most economical. Typically, if you have 5 or more students, then an on-site
class at your facility will probably be the most cost effective, since many companies will
offer on-site training up to a certain number of students (e.g. 10) for a flat rate.
Don't panic if you are lacking a formal training room. Over the years I have taught many
a class in a conference room or some such meeting place. As long as the room has
power, a place for an overhead projector, can be set up with network connections, if
needed, and made reasonably comfortable, then it should work just fine.

When you weigh the tuition cost per student for an off-site course, along with travel
expenses and time out of the office, then normally it is pretty clear which way (off-site vs
on-site) will be more cost effective in your situation.

Other FMEA Training Options
Other training options that may provide what you need at a lower cost could include a
series of instructor-led webinars.  Many of the same companies that offer instructor-led
classroom training may have this as an option. There are also several companies that
offer low cost, self-paced training courses. Many of these, though, are intended to be
pretty basic, and just introduce you to FMEA and some of the concepts.

Of course, there are always free resources like videos on and
presentations found on that may be helpful. We offer a wide variety of
resources on our site. Our
templates page includes FMEA templates, examples, and
standards. Many
FMEA books are available through links on our site to are also some videos on the
tutorial page and helpful sources listed
on our
resource page, along with a wide range of articles scattered throughout our site.
If you haven't already, we encourage you to make full use of these resources.

These free resources are all great for introducing you to the topic and to acquaint you
with some of the basics. However, there is still no substitute for formal training if you
want to gain more in-depth knowledge and get a kick start from some seasoned
professionals with many years of FMEA experience.
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